Semalt Provides An Overview Of Scraper – A Google Chrome Extension

Scraper is a simple and amazing data mining and web extraction tool. It facilitates online research and saves data in spreadsheet form instantly. Scraper is a good alternative to, Kimono Labs, Octoparse, and ParseHub. This Google Chrome extension captures data from different web pages, scrapes it and puts into Google spreadsheets. You can also save the data directly to your hard disk for offline uses.

It uses patented machine learning and visual abstraction techniques to target and extract information from hundreds to thousands of online resources. With Scraper, you can easily create the extraction agents in as little as three minutes and don't need any programming skills. Scraper stands in line with other popular scraping services, plugins, and software.

Using Scraper to extract data:

First of all, you need to install this Chrome extension. Once installed and activated, go to the Indexes option and click on any link to get it scraped.

A new window will open instantly. Scraper has two different options for identifying your data: XPath selector and JQuery selector. XPath identifies parts of XML and HTML pages and extracts web content easily.

You can edit the XPath expression at the Selector or Columns area, and change the column names as per your requirements. Scraper will extract data and will save it to Google Docs. You get the results in the form of spreadsheets.

The benefits of Scraper are the following:

Accurate Data:

With Scraper, students and researchers extract data for analytics, planning, and research. It is the safest and most reliable way to scrape data from multiple web pages. Scraper ensures the provision of accurate data and fixes all the errors while it is being scraped.

Save your time and energy:

The speed at which data is available to us on the palm of your hands makes all the difference. Scraper aids in quick decision making and revisions. This tool saves your time and energy and provides accurate results. Scraper is suitable for executives and businessmen and helps them scrape information in a readable and scalable form.

Stay Competitive:

With Scraper, you can easily extract data from Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. It will scrape pricing information, images, and product descriptions. Moreover, Scraper compares the prices of different products and is suitable for FMCG companies and retail outlets. It is best known for its user-friendly interface and has a machine learning technology to get your work done.

Manage volumes:

Every minute, the Internet generates quintillion bytes of information. You can scrape data from social media sites. With Scraper, data is obtained in transactional or demographic form. This tool navigates through a large number of sites, identifies data patterns, collects information and scrapes it as per your requirements.

All data in one place:

It is not possible for us to navigate through a large number of sites to collect data. With Scraper, we just need to highlight the data that we want to scrape. This tool deals with online data and converts unstructured information into an organized form. Your scraped information is saved in either its database or Google Drive. You can later download it to your hard disk for offline usage.

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